eDiscovery is the identification, preservation, collection, preparation, review and production of electronically stored information associated with legal and government proceedings.

— Gartner

We live in an increasingly litigious world. More and more we rely on Electronically Stored Information (ESI) to support these cases. The volume of data is following Moore’s Law and double approximately every 18 months. The old methods of managing these cases is collapsing under the weight of hard drives, backup tapes and mismanaged email accounts.

A new approach was needed. Slowly lawyers have made the move from working with paper to working electronically. Cross vendor working groups have been created to develop an industry wide set of guidelines to help. The process of discovering documents that may help your case in court has become electronic - eDiscovery.


Discover eDiscovery has been set up with a mission to inform, educate and entertain on matters relating to eDiscovery and eDisclosure.

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